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We have plentiful listed properties for sale and to rent in Lefkosa, Girne, Magusa and other specified towns in Northern Cyprus. Our professionals are always ready and eager to lend a helping hands in finding your dream home, apartment, villa or tailoring the most affordable property in the markets that suit your budget range and needs.




North Cyprus increasingly is becoming a business hub of all kind of trading,development and investment opportunities.The island got huge opportunities and many advantages for being an intersection point in the Mediterranean region and European Union.



Our professionalism in dealing with commercial properties that offer big shares and quick returns for investment. Our listed commercial properties include hotels, projects for development and land plots to develop or build your own asset.




Considering for someone to take care or look after your property is one of the most important decisions a property owner will make. Good property management service can help owners maintain their properties' quality and durability. So we recommend you to contact us to learn how we protect your real estate assets. 

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